ZTE Switch ZXR10 3928A, L3 Intelligent FE Switch 24*FE RJ45 + 2*GE SFP + 1*expansion slot (2-port GE optical interface), (180000



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ZXR10 3900A series L3 Intelligent Ethernet switches are box-like 1 RU height layer 3 routing switches. ZXR10 3900A series switches provide high density of FE Ethernet ports, complete L2 switching and L3 routing functionalities.

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Data sheet

Power Consumption (100% load) (W) 15
Power supply 100-240V AC /50-60Hz or 48V DC
Packet Forwarding Rate (Mbps) 9,6
Expansion Cards Supported 1 GE RJ45+1 GE SFP / 2 GE RJ45 / 2FE SFP /2 GE SFP
Expansion Slots 1
Mac Address Table 16K
Switching Capacity (Gbps) 12,8
Environmental Parameter Working Temperature : -5 ~ +50* C / Humidity :10 - 90% (non-condensing)
FE Ports 24 RJ45
Layer 3
GE Ports 2 SFP
Weight (Kg) 3,5
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43,6x442x280 mm

More info

  • 802.3ad LACP
  • Multi-vrf CE
  • Selective QinQ

Full Service Support

  •  ZXR10 3900A series switches support diversified VLAN features, including SuperVLAN, QinQ, selective QinQ, VLAN translation and PVLAN.
  • VLAN translation can be used to separate and distinguish services, while PVLAN can help restrict the direct L2 communication between downlink ports.
  • QinQ and selective QinQ enable the administrator to distinguish user and service at the access side effectively.
  • ZXR10 3900A supports routing mechanisms including static routing, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP.
  • Multicast based technologies like IPTV are important profitable services for service providers. ZXR10 3900A fully supports L2/L3 multicast, including IGMP snooping, Filtering, Proxy, Fastleave, MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration) and PIM-SM to facilitate the deployments of these services.
  • With IPTV control implemented, operators can apply different CAC (channel access control) rules for users with channel packages.
  • ZXR10 3900A supports MCE (multi-vrf CE), which means the capability to simulate multiple CE to reduce the number of CE equipments and reduce interface requirement for PE. Each virtual CE is separated from other virtual CE. User isolation and security guarantee can be implemented by multi-vrf CE.

 Enhanced Reliability

  • Loop detection allows switch to detect possible loops without the need to enable STP.
  • With UDLD (uni-Directional Link Detection), uni-directional link failure caused by wiring mistake or port failure can be detected.
  • ZXR10 3900A fully supports 802.3ad LACP (link aggregation control protocol) to provide redundancy in case link failure happens, and to broaden bandwidth.
  • When deployed in layer 2 environment, ZESR/ZESR+ (ZTE Ethernet Smart Ring) and ZESS (ZTE Ethernet Smart Switching) can be used to realize fast switchover in case of single point failure.
  • ZXR10 3900A supports both close ring ZESR and open ring ZESR+, which are both very good network redundancy solutions in ring topology networks.
  • Compared with STP, the biggest advantage is that the link will switch and recover quickly when one way is disconnected and the switchover can be done in 50ms. ZESR/ZESR+ support VLAN load balancing to enable efficient utilization of redundant links.

 Enhanced Security

ZXR10 3900A supports diversified mechanisms to guarantee the security of the network:

  • CPU DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection capability helps the equipment to mitigate the influence caused by attacks. 
  • DAI (Dynamic ARP inspection) function and IP/MAC binding help prevent against DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.
  • 802.1X can be used for authentication purpose. Working together with policy server, the user control policy can be applied to 3900A after the authentication is done. Bandwidth limit/Qos strategy can thus be implemented automatically.
  •  Enhanced routing protocol communications, including simple password test and MD5 authentication can be used to prevent from the alteration of routing protocol interactions.
  • Traffic mirroring/analyzing functions like RMON (remote monitoring), SPAN (switched port analyzer), RSPAN (remote switched port analyzer) and sFlow help analyze real-time network condition.


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